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My M roadster - 1998 S50

This page will aim to record the history of my M roadster along with guides I write along the way...


  • Purchased 09-2010
  • 55k on the clock
  • 3 owners from new (one being my brother)
  • Standard spec (apart from rims refurbished in arctic silver)

Service history

Date Mileage Garage Work carried out Mileage/time between service
01-04-1999 1,313 BMW Running in inspection: Oil, Oil filter, Oil in rear drive 1,300/5 months
14-09-1999 8,823 BMW Service: Oil, Oil filter 6,500/5 months
04-04-2000 15,245 BMW Service: inspection 1, tappet adjustment, Oil, Oil filter 7,000/7 months
12-10-2001 24,065 Peugeot Service: Oil, Oil filter 9,000/1 year 6 months
07-04-2003 28,622 BMW Service: Inspection 2, wipers, water pump, collant, thermostat, brake fluid, rear discs and pads, battery, Oil, Spark plugs, Air filter 4,000/1 year 6 months
08-06-2004 33,207 BMW Service: Oil, Oil Filter, Air con re-gas 5,000/1 year 2 months
17-02-2006 39,529 Deutsche Marques Service: Oil, Oil filter, Brake fluid 6,000/1 year 8 months
26-06-2007 41,000 Triangle Garages Extra: Front discs and pads, rear discs and pads Not a service
10-06-2008 43,363 Triangle Garages Service: (Inspection 2 style) Air filter, oil, oil filter, fuel filter, spark plugs, pollen filter Extra: 1 tyre, wiper blades and handbrake shoes 4,000/1 year 4 months
05-2009 N/A Keystone Vanoss replacement Not a service
07-08-2009 47,654 APD Service: Oil service. 4,000/1 year 2 months
14-12-2009 50,475 Wood BMW Differential bracket upgrade Not a service
03-10-2010 55,178 By owner Service: Oil, Oil filter, Air filter 8,000/1 years 2 months
28-12-2010 By owner Fit Simota Induction Kit Not a Service
15-01-2011 By owner Replaced front ARB drop links Not a Service
20-01-2011 By owner Refurb O/S brake caliper Not a Service
05-03-2011 58,416 By owner Service: (Inspection 2 style) Oil, Oil filter, Fuel Filter, Diff Oil, Spark Plugs, Replaced Oil Level Sensor, Replaced starter motor 3,200/5 months
07-04-2011 59,004 By owner 4 new Falken FK-452's, flush fit valves and an MOT Not a service
29-06-2011 60,749 By owner Brake fluid changed for ATE Super Blue, Gearbox oil changed. Not a service
06-09-2011 64,341 By owner Service: (Inspection 1 style) Oil, Oil filter 5,925/6 months
30-09-2011 65,300 By owner Service: Engine Oil, Diff Oil, Gearbox Oil Not a service

DIY/Howto Guides

Oil change Guide - Changing the oil on a Z3M S50B32 engine


Tyre info - Prices and info on tyres for the ///M


  • Just about to head off to Bath - 17/02/11


  • Crusing alongside my brother's S54 - 28/12/10


  • Horrid wet day in October 10/10

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